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Thank you for everything. I learned invaluable lessons from Ellen that I will be able to utilize on the path of my future endeavors. Ellen also helped me find new layers of my personal foundation. Her willingness to support and encourage inspired me to reclaim my focus, establish boundaries and search for what will truly make me happy. Thank you Coach!

Financial Consultant

I could go on and on for quite some time about how much Ellen has helped me.  But in my case, it boils down to one major accomplishment.  With Ellen’s guidance and accountability, I have replaced the fear of making a career change with an indescribable excitement.  In addition, my confidence level has risen to a point that it has never been.

Bank Manager

I established a partnership for assistance in finding a new exciting and challenging marketing role. Little did I know, Ellen would go above and beyond and become a true mentor helping to improve my life both personally and professionally. From helping me to further define my goals, polishing my recruiting materials, improving my networking skills, and encouraging me to establish an online presence, Ellen was there with a positive attitude and sage advice. Since working with Ellen, my life has improved drastically. In addition to earning a promotion with my current employer I feel much happier and have a better outlook on life. I am enjoying strengthened relationships and have more confidence.

Sales Manager

Working with a "Coach" was something that was completely foreign to me, but as they say, timing is everything. Being in the most transitional period of my life, both personally and professionally, it was uncanny that I had the good fortune of meeting Ellen when I did. I was like a blank page, just waiting for a new chapter to be written. After several meetings with Ellen, it was clear that she had a way of gleaning information, interests, traits and goals, both conscious and subconscious, from our conversations. She challenged me to take steps in the direction of my goals, to let my values lead the way and to understand the importance of prioritizing my needs in order to live a fulfilling life. Thank you coach EG! 

Retail Store Owner 

I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with Ellen. From day one, Ellen inspired and guided me to live my best life, coaching me to identify what I want and how I can achieve it.  With her extraordinary ability to listen, support, and encourage, Ellen pushed me beyond my roadblocks and transformed me into an optimal me. I'm now enrolled in school and will be graduating soon to start my own business.

VP, Business Development

EG Results has been a fantastic partner and collaborator. Ellen has assisted me become an effective leader by establishing a clear purpose, using sound judgement to make decisions, empowering team members to embrace their talents, utilizing an inquiry approach to address challenges, and driving positive changes. 

She has been my trusted strategist, coach and constructive critic.

I highly recommend EG to achieve impactful growth successes! 

VP, Operations 

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